Succeeding through Failure

Through my years of competing professionally one thing always happened at every competition no matter height of the bar. What was it? The bar fell down three times in a row. When that happened I knew I was done for the day and I would have to improve my performance for the next competition.

As I reflect on those competitions I see that I learned more from the failures than I did from successes.  In this respect, the High Jump is just like real life.  We set a goal and either  we fail or we succeed at the challenge in front of us. Even if we succeed the bar still must go up.  When that happens, the process starts all over again. If we keep raising that bar, failure is inevitable.

It’s important to remember that in the real world, the lessons are the same.  The bar is set and we either clear the bar or it falls off.  We pass or we fail.  The odds are that we will fail along the way.

Will we put the bar back up?  What can we learn from our failures?   My hope is that you do put the bar back up and take the time to learn from your mistakes.   It’s the only way to truly get to where you want to go.